Hi my name is Divina Joy Ayungo. My friends call me “Divine”.  This blog is about my personal pilgrimage on this world. Although my upbringing and formation is Catholic, I do not intend to convert you to Catholicism. I only want to be a witness of our faith because I have set up this blog in answer to the call of the Holy Father.

Also, I do not claim that I am perfect. I am just an ordinary person like you, full of defects. But I strive to listen to God and to answer Him, despite my sinfulness and imperfection. My views are greatly influenced by Josemaria Escriva, the Saint of the Ordinary.
If by any chance you have been offended by my writings, I sincerely apologize and please let me know. You can send me an email to or just indicate in the comment.
Thank you for visiting.
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